Ali Wilkinson

In-flight Seagull and Curlew

needledown_nz_in_flight_seagull_and_curlew_ 1
There’s a moment when making a paper-pieced block when suddenly the whole becomes greater that the sum of the parts. Until that point I often find myself completely unable to visualise where the small element I am sewing at that time fits into the final picture. In the case of the In-flight quilt, most of the images of the finished birds are reverse to how they come out once sewn, which adds complexity to the visualisation process – well, it does so for me anyway!

I am really enjoying these blocks. They are getting progressively trickier and the two blocks I did today included some very tiny triangles and several obtuse angles, which are my personal weakness as somehow I find it next to impossible to do the “reverse flip” to end up with the unusual shaped piece fitting correctly. To overcome thisĀ I usually use oversized pieces of fabric, which then results in a higher level of waste and lots of bitty scraps left over. I am going to have to do some Googling to find a tutorial to help me get the hang of these tricky shapes! (please post in Comments if you know of one!)

So without further ado, I present the Seagull and the Curlew:

needledown_nz_in_flight_seagull_and_curlew_ 3

needledown_nz_in_flight_seagull_and_curlew_ 2TartanKiwi provides two different seagull blocks and I chose to go with the first version which is sleeker and (IMHO) more realistic.

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