Ali Wilkinson

The Quickest Potholder Ever

Needledown_nz_quickest_ever_potholder_ 1Needledown_nz_quickest_ever_potholder_ 1

I saw a blog a few weeks ago which showed a really quick and easy way to make a potholder so seeing as I still have a few large scraps of this Kate Spain Paradiso fabric left I thought I would see if it really was as quick as it appeared.

And it was! The starting point is to cut 8 hexagons – 6 will be the top, 1 the backing and the 8th will not be seen. That eight one could easily be made from Insulbright or another thermal-resistant batting, and I think my future ones will be done that way. I made my hexagons measure 10.5″ across side to side.

Needledown_nz_quickest_ever_potholder_ 2

I won’t give the step by step here, and instead direct you to Elise Blaha’s blog post (linked above) where she does an excellent job of instructing in words and pictures. Suffice to say up to the step shown above, all that is involved is cutting and folding. I then sewed around all six sides, turned it right side out and quilted as below. All up, maybe 20 minutes from start to finish. ¬†Cool.

Needledown_nz_quickest_ever_potholder_ 3