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The Quickest Potholder Ever

Needledown_nz_quickest_ever_potholder_ 1Needledown_nz_quickest_ever_potholder_ 1

I saw a blog a few weeks ago which showed a really quick and easy way to make a potholder so seeing as I still have a few large scraps of this Kate Spain Paradiso fabric left I thought I would see if it really was as quick as it appeared.

And it was! The starting point is to cut 8 hexagons – 6 will be the top, 1 the backing and the 8th will not be seen. That eight one could easily be made from Insulbright or another thermal-resistant batting, and I think my future ones will be done that way. I made my hexagons measure 10.5″ across side to side.

Needledown_nz_quickest_ever_potholder_ 2

I won’t give the step by step here, and instead direct you to Elise Blaha’s blog post (linked above) where she does an excellent job of instructing in words and pictures. Suffice to say up to the step shown above, all that is involved is cutting and folding. I then sewed around all six sides, turned it right side out and quilted as below. All up, maybe 20 minutes from start to finish.  Cool.

Needledown_nz_quickest_ever_potholder_ 3

Ali Wilkinson

A Finish – Cruces de Revolución

needledown_nz_cruces_de-Revolucion_ 1

A quick post today to share my latest finish – Cruces de Revolución. The design was my own and inspired by the plethora of modern crosses I have seen over the past year. There’s no rocket science to this block – simple squares and rectangles sewn together to get good proportions. I wrote about it here.

needledown_nz_cruces_de-Revolucion_ 3

I used Kate Spain’s Paradiso range together with a couple of different Kona solids (Ash, Pewter and a couple of others). I like the lightness the two cream blocks give.

needledown_nz_cruces_de-Revolucion_ 2

The back was a simple piecing using four fat quarters from the Paradiso range and some yardage of a black on white scribble print that I am afraid I cannot identify any more as I misplaced the selvedge.

needledown_nz_cruces_de-Revolucion_ 4

Suzet Pont did the long arm quilting and made a stunning job. She used a lilac colour on the back which reads pink against the scribble patterned backing. On the front she used bronze, cream or the lilac. Each cross was quilt in wavy lines with one going horizontal lines and the next going vertical. The backgrounds of the blocks were alternated in either small pebbles (like bubbles) or meander.

needledown_nz_cruces_de-Revolucion_ 5

I got the quilt back yesterday and quickly made up binding using two fat quarters of Paradiso. I used the same design as the blue fabric in the bottom right of the above photo but two other colour ways with white background and either blue or pink/red triangles on it. I alternated the strips so the colours flow a little. I like very much using binding with “texture” created by dots or stripes or triangles.

needledown_nz_cruces_de-Revolucion_ 6

The quilt finished up at 60″ square and sits really nicely on top of a regular Queen bed leaving space for the pillows. I am really happy with this quilt and love the retro modern feel it has, enhanced by Suzet’s quilting.

Another finish for the 2015 Finish Along. Wot! Woot!


Ali Wilkinson

WIP Wednesday

needledown_nz_lucky_me!_ 4

I finally started on my Cruces de Revolución quilt using Kate Spain’s Paradiso line. At the beginning I was going to use Kona Pewter as the background for the whole quilt, and then I was browsing through old copies of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine on my iPad and I saw a similar style of quilt where the background was various low volume fabrics in grey/white/cream tones. I liked the way the different backgrounds added a deeper dimension and so I decided I would still stick to solids for my quilt but use different shades of grey and maybe a square or two of white.

needledown_nz_lucky_me!_ 5

I’ve made three blocks so far, each in a different shade of grey, seen here on my design wall (which currently has three projects on it, so much for one at a time…!). I used 5″ squares and the reclines are 3″x5″. That means that the grey one at the edge is slightly oversized and so when they are sewn together the cross will take up slightly more of each block than in a standard modern cross. They will look a teensy bit closer together. I wonder whether it will be noticeable?

needledown_nz_lucky_me!_ 7

This is what my design wall is looking like at the moment. Six In-flight blocks are complete and the blank spaces between blocks have also been cut out and pinned up. That fabric on the right sitting on top of a parcel is ready to be cut into to make another laptop bag for Golden Child’s best friend.

needledown_nz_lucky_me!_ 6

On the left of the wall is this EPP hexagon block. The hexies came from a small packet of pre-cuts I bought at Liberty last year and then sewed together randomly when I needed a hand piecing project a few weeks ago. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, and I have another pack of identical hexies all basted to their cardboard templates ready to sew together, so I will end up with twice as many. I have thought about placemats (as I really need some!), a book jacket, and (of course!) a pouch. I’d love to hear your suggestions for what I should do – if I square it up it will be 10″ square.


Ali Wilkinson

Sunday Stash #11

needledown_nz_sunday_stash_9_ 1

A mixed selection today with these divine Kate Spain Paradiso fat quarters and some stash building solids.

Don’t you love the Paradiso range? Oh, heavens, I do! The colours are so fresh crisp and remind me of Caribbean lazy days. Maybe I am in the mood for that having just booked a holiday for the family to Cuba for the end of the year!

I have a plan for these prints. I plan to make a modern crosses quilt using Kona Pewter as the solid fabric surrounding each cross. There are 36 prints which is very handy as the pattern I have designed has 36 blocks (6 rows of 6 blocks), each 12″ square. And I will only use about 1/4 of each fat quarter so will have plenty left for other projects (another Idea Pouch or Bionic Bag perhaps?).

needledown_nz_sunday_stash_9_ 2

This pile of solids also arrived this week. The photo lighting is dire, apologies, but from the top there is Kona Pewter, Kona Silver, Kona Bleach White and Kona White. Elsewhere is Kona Snow, which is so much like Kona Bleach White that I thought they had sent the same item twice till I checked the colour swatches on my big Kona card.

It is the top one, Kona Pewter, that I intend to use with the Paradiso crosses for the modern crosses quilt I will make shortly. Though as I feel it will have a Cuban influence perhaps I will call it Cruces de Revolución.

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