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Flying High

needledownnz_inflight_flying_high_ 1

The top is complete! I followed the layout I shared last week and I love the result. The photo doesn’t show the Art Gallery Fabrics Oval Elements for the background as the sun has washed the detail out, but in real life they are a lovely texture to the evening sky I imagine the birds are flying in.

I pretended to my husband and Golden Child that I wanted him to go for drive and then forced them to hold up the quilt to best effect. We went to the Red Zone, which is a part of Christchurch that used to be residential but after our series of quakes was deemed not solid enough ground for residential property. The government bought the houses off all the owners and as the houses are demolished a natural parkland is emerging and birds are returning to the city limits. So it seemed fitting to take the quilt there for the photoshoot.

Of course it didn’t go as smoothly as all that….. we first went to the beach and here are the outtakes:

needledownnz_inflight_flying_high_ 2 needledownnz_inflight_flying_high_ 4

Without waiting around too much, I began prepping for my next project which was to be Haze Kilim from Kaffe’s Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts book. I had bought all the required fabric earlier this year online and just needed to press out the creases, but as I ironed I noticed some of the fabrics had been cut on a distinct angle. Of the 20 half yard cuts, 15 were cut on an angle, and as these are stripes and the stripes need to be perpendicular, the process of straightening up will lose a large amount of fabric. I’m really disappointed and have emailed the vendor and hope to get it sorted. Check out the angles on these:

needledownnz_inflight_flying_high_ 3

So now I am not sure what project to do while I wait for the replacement fabric to arrive, so I may be some time while I lose myself down an internet rabbit hole!

Ali Wilkinson

Buzzards in Invisibility Cloaks

Needledownnz_buzzards_in_invisibility_cloaks_ 1

This is how Tropical Cabins finished up. It’s the first time I have ever made a quilt with such a large amount of negative space, and I like it but still think it needs to grow more on me. I like the off-centre setting for the cabins blocks, and really this photo doesn’t do the colours justice as I took it in full sun at lunchtime and was in a hurry, so apologies for the photo quality.

This weekend I made two more blocks from In-flight; the buzzard and the kestrel. Before I start to sew sections together I set them out to ensure that I didn’t make any mistakes, this is a step I have learned to do following a very time consuming error one time in the past. Luckily I did that this time as I was able to see that either I had made a mistake or my buzzard was wearing an Invisibility Cloak!

Needledownnz_buzzards_in_invisibility_cloaks_ 2

I was also able to see that I had omitted a final piece (visible in the upper left corner on the top edge).

So a quick seam ripper moment and I resolved both of those issues, sewed the sections together et voilà:

Needledownnz_buzzards_in_invisibility_cloaks_ 3

MUCH better!

I also made the kestrel block:

Needledownnz_buzzards_in_invisibility_cloaks_ 4

Only two more blocks to go and then I can assemble the whole top, though one of those blocks is another 24″ one and looks a wee bit complicated!

Ali Wilkinson

WIP Wednesday

Needledown_nz_WIP_ 2 (1)

February is going to be a sewing month for me. This last weekend was a long one thanks to Waitangi Day holiday and I made the most by going to my sewing group on Sunday (the monthly one) and then sewing most o the holiday Monday.

I finished this Osprey block from TartanKiwi’s In-flight quilt project. This marks the point where I have now passed the mid way point in this quilt and it feels good! The osprey took several hours and was quite tricky. When I was assembling it I realised I had used background sky fabric for the legs so there was a gap between body and claws. Bummer! I had to unpick quite a bit to get that bit of purple in there. This is a 24″ block and in all likelihood I don’t have any more big blocks left. I say that as I kind of think I need a third blog block to balance the quilt, but I will know more when I have done two or three more 12″ blocks and can do a dry run of the layout.

Needledown_nz_WIP_ 3 (1)

I also decided to make a better effort to get to the Tuesday night hand sewing group more often. Since getting back from holiday I’ve managed to make it 1 in 3 times, so I am feeling quite happy! I decided to make a start on the Tula Marquise quilt which I bought as a kit a few years ago. It’s made with these honeycomb shapes and I was very relieved to find that Paper Pieces make paper templates of these so I don’t have to cut them myself. Above is diamond #1. There are 30 in total, though a few are half-diamonds, and then there are grey and cream filler strips that go in between the diamonds. There are 1,400 honeycombs in total, so more than the hexagons in my Hex on the Beach quilt, but it does come together slowly and steadily.

Needledown_nz_WIP_ 1 (1)

I also finally made these five blocks for a swap. I agreed to this almost a year ago – 6 of us from the Tuesday sewing group are participating and we each gave one or two bits of fabric of our own choice to each other. The receiver then adds more fabric and picks a design for the blocks. I have been procrastinating all this time but as the deadline is the 19th I figured I had better get on with it! This is what I spent most of Sunday’s monthly sewing group time making.

I chose the Windmill block from the book 500 Quilt Blocks. It said it was 8″ and I figured I had enough fabric from each person. Hmm. First mistake. I only realised when I was about to make the one with the deep red background that the patterned fabric provided was not enough to make two windmill sails. Ok, I figured that was easy to fix, I would just make the frame a bit wider. So I made the sails as big as I could and then cut the frame accordingly. Job done.

I started the second block. The grey, yellow and black/white one. I followed the pattern exactly and had literally only just enough of the grey background provided by the swapper, but once assembled I realised the block was an inch too small. I re-checked all measurements, checked my seams were not generous and could not work it out. I had to add the yellow frame in order to make it 8″ finished size. I was a bit miffed and irritated by this stage!

I then re-examined the measurements provided and checked that I was using the book’s method for HSTs in case that was a factor. I was really mad when I realised that the measurements in the book were never going to add up to the 8″ finished (or even 8″ unfinished) – the squares used to make the HSTs were simply 1/2″ too small! Knowing this made it so much easier for the remaining three blocks which I whipped up in no time.

Here’s the offending book in case you have it and need to make an annotation of the error!

Needledown_nz_WIP_ 4

I have other sewing plans for February too.

Tomorrow I am going to Auckland for business and will be able to call by one, if not two, of my favourite NZ quilting shops to stock up. The last of Christchurch’s main quilting shops closed over the holidays and so I am quite hankering for 15 minutes all to myself just to wander a fabric store and be overwhelmed by colours and design. I have a few quilts in the planning stages that need yardage to add to the fat quarters and prints I already have, so I am keen to get that. I also need a new thimble and I am quite fond of the Clover silicon ones. Oh, it’s so exciting!!

In two weeks I am going only first ever quilting retreat with the girls from my Tuesday group. We are going near to Christchurch to a venue mainly used for school camps. The catering is all provided and there is even a pool. The plan had been to stay Friday and Saturday nights but I messed up and double booked for Saturday night, so I will only stay til then. Hey ho, one night is better than none!

Ali Wilkinson

WIP Wednesday

needledown_nz_lucky_me!_ 4

I finally started on my Cruces de Revolución quilt using Kate Spain’s Paradiso line. At the beginning I was going to use Kona Pewter as the background for the whole quilt, and then I was browsing through old copies of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine on my iPad and I saw a similar style of quilt where the background was various low volume fabrics in grey/white/cream tones. I liked the way the different backgrounds added a deeper dimension and so I decided I would still stick to solids for my quilt but use different shades of grey and maybe a square or two of white.

needledown_nz_lucky_me!_ 5

I’ve made three blocks so far, each in a different shade of grey, seen here on my design wall (which currently has three projects on it, so much for one at a time…!). I used 5″ squares and the reclines are 3″x5″. That means that the grey one at the edge is slightly oversized and so when they are sewn together the cross will take up slightly more of each block than in a standard modern cross. They will look a teensy bit closer together. I wonder whether it will be noticeable?

needledown_nz_lucky_me!_ 7

This is what my design wall is looking like at the moment. Six In-flight blocks are complete and the blank spaces between blocks have also been cut out and pinned up. That fabric on the right sitting on top of a parcel is ready to be cut into to make another laptop bag for Golden Child’s best friend.

needledown_nz_lucky_me!_ 6

On the left of the wall is this EPP hexagon block. The hexies came from a small packet of pre-cuts I bought at Liberty last year and then sewed together randomly when I needed a hand piecing project a few weeks ago. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, and I have another pack of identical hexies all basted to their cardboard templates ready to sew together, so I will end up with twice as many. I have thought about placemats (as I really need some!), a book jacket, and (of course!) a pouch. I’d love to hear your suggestions for what I should do – if I square it up it will be 10″ square.


Ali Wilkinson

In-flight Swallow

needledown_idea_in-flight_swallow_ 1

Block 5 of the In-flight quilt by Tartan Kiwi, this one is the swallow. I love that apple green Kona solid – it almost makes my mouth water. I have been thinking about the coming blocks and think that when I get onto the ones where the feathers in the wings or tails are evident I will use similar shades so that there is an effect of movement. Please excuse the quick photo, this block is untrimmed and still attached to the paper, mainly as I made it quickly this morning before heading off to work!

Today I had a huge day at work, even though it is both Mothers’ Day and a Sunday. Our new IT system went live and I have been working on it for what feels like a lifetime. (I have worked on the design and development and operationalisation of it, not the actual coding!). So once again I have not done very much in the way of sewing this week.

Yesterday I went to Cottonfields and Hands here in Christchurch to buy magnetic snap closures for future pouch projects, plus some more of that Korean bag batting, some gygli and other interfacing. In Hands craft store I found two random fat quarters of Tula Pink in the few designs I like from the Elizabeth range and already I can feel a pouch coming on to use them!! (Photo in my Sunday Stash post).