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In-flight Quilt Along – Swift


It’s been another busy week at work and then last night we were awoken by the sound of gushing water, which turned out to be a burst main pipe under the house. So all the best laid plans for a day learning to FMQ with some quilting friends turned to custard.

By 2pm the plumber had located and fixed the leak and all was well, so I worked on my Wheel (Moxie) quilt and on this Swift block from TartanKiwi’s In-flight QAL.

I forgot to get a photo of the Wheel quilt before it went dark so will have to post a photo later in the week, but I am happy with it and made a backing so will spray baste it this week ready for hand quilting. Yep, another one to be hand quilted! I am on a roll and ready for winter!!

The Swift block was very straightforward. I have heard that the blocks get trickier as we progress but I hope to be improving all the time too, so I am hoping I will be ready for complexity when it arrives! I am going to do the entire background in that Oval Elements Mood Indigo and stick to solids for the birds. I think it will be cute.

Stick around for Sunday Stash – it’s a bit different this week!

Ali Wilkinson

Swan in Flight

In Flight Badge1

A few weeks ago I posted that I was going to join Tartan Kiwi in her In flight Quilt Along and no doubt as I haven’t posted anything since you have been wondering if I dropped out before it started. When I downloaded the pattern I was a little overwhelmed as it is over a hundred pages long! I knew I couldn’t print it on my little Pixma inkjet and I kept forgetting to go to the copy shop to get it printed. Until today.

In many ways I am pleased that I didn’t print it immediately as I have spent the last few weeks pondering which fabrics to use that would work as paper pieced designs and would bring the best out of the pattern. It was only this morning that I reached a decision that I was happy with; Art Gallery Oval Elements (which you should know by now is one of my favourite fabrics!) in Mood Indigo, which is a dark blue, as the “sky” background, and plain solids in strong but not overpowering colours for the birds.

I am hoping the Oval Elements will create texture to the sky, and as a regular “any way up” pattern it works well for paper piecing.

needledown-nz_swan_in_flight_ 1

It’s been a while since I paper pieced and I had to remind myself how to do it, but only had to unpick one seam, so am quite pleased about that! I have bought a light box in the intervening time and found it to be really useful in this process.

needledown-nz_swan_in_flight_ 3

This pattern was really straightforward and a good choice for the first bird. A quick glance at the later patterns show they get a bit more complex towards the last block!

Here’s the finished product which I am really happy with. Now I need to order a bit more of the Oval Elements as I only have enough in my stash for about 3 more blocks.

needledown-nz_swan_in_flight_ 4