Ali Wilkinson

WIP Wednesday


Slowly, slowly, we catch the monkey. Such was a saying Gary’s Singaporean boss had, and I think it’s quite an appropriate expression for the way progress goes with English paper piecing.

This is the Tula Pink Marquise kit that is my handwork project for the year. There are 26 full diamonds and 4 half diamonds, 3 filler rows of honeycombs in cream and grey, and the top and bottom rows of half diamonds in cream and grey to square the quilt up. Having completed 6 diamonds so far I am pretty pleased with progress.

At this stage I have yet to remove any of the paper templates and my plan is to join together the first row of diamonds with the first row of half diamonds of cream and grey and then remove the templates then. I always leave the edge templates in though as that gives some structure and holds the shape of the piece already assembled. I also steam press before removing the templates, which is a bit of  a danger job as the paper deflects the steam somewhat and so I have to be careful not to scald myself. Ah, the perils of producing beautiful work!

How do you use templates and do EPP? I am always keen to hear tips and tricks!