Ali Wilkinson

Keeping Warm

needledown_nz_keeping_warm_ 15

It’s been cold the past few weeks here in Christchurch. Below freezing cold. The kind of cold that cuts to the bone and you find it really hard to shake. We don’t do cold so well in New Zealand. I think we delude ourselves that the top part of the country is sub-tropical and therefore the entire country ought to be the same. Also I think that we forget that there’s nothing between us and that ice mass called Antarctica, and that when the wind blows from down there it carries with it a real cold bite. We installed central heating with radiators to overcome this but our damaged house with all its cracks finds it hard to cope on these coldest days. I so can’t wait for our new house next year!

In the meantime I decided to make some hot water bottle covers using scraps from my overflowing scrap bin. I sorted the scraps into several piles, pulling scraps from specific quilts to save myself time mix and matching. Taking similar sized pieces I assembled them into bigger blocks which I joined together to make even bigger segments until eventually I had two large squares in each fabric selection  that were larger than hot water bottles.

needledown_nz_keeping_warm_ 6

I made a template roughly an inch larger than the hot water bottle all around. Then marked two lines 2″ apart crossing at the shoulder of the bottle and 2″ below it – these are the marks for the two overlapping pieces on the front of the cover which serve as the opening.

needledown_nz_keeping_warm_ 7

To use up spare batting I bonded scrap pieces together with heat bond tape and made a quilt sandwich with a lining fabric, the batting and the pieced square. I quilted with straight lines, just enough to hold everything together and provide some firmness but not to much to make it rigid. I then cut out my template pieces.

needledown_nz_keeping_warm_ 9

I used a regular 2.5″ binding, pressed in half lengthwise and bound the edges of the two front pieces where the opening is. I also added a small ribbon loop to the top piece. This will be a button closure loop.

needledown_nz_keeping_warm_ 11


Then I assembled them with the rear right side up, the top of the front right side down, then the bottom of the front right side down. I sewed all around the outside edge, snipped the rounded edges and turned it right side out.

needledown_nz_keeping_warm_ 12


needledown_nz_keeping_warm_ 14

needledown_nz_keeping_warm_ 13

The one above was made with scraps from my Indian Blanket quilt, which were full and half triangles so resulted in lots of diagonal lines.

The one below was made with scraps from my Kaffe Fassett Gypsy Wife quilt.

needledown_nz_keeping_warm_ 16