Ali Wilkinson

The Mandatory 2016 Review and 2017 Plans Post

Golden Child and I spent a good half hour drawing the above message in the sand and then photographing or filming as the tide came in. We were on the beach near Galle in Sri Lanka and were watching the stilt fishermen as the sun set beautifully over the ocean. Golden Child had a “perfect shot” in mind and the waves did not comply a lot of the time, coming slightly to one side or the other and not erasing the 2016 in the way she envisaged. It was a lesson in accepting what nature provides and taking joy from the beauty around. As I type these words I feel quite wistful for that trip and have a deep longing to return. Soon.

But on to quilty things…

As is the way at this time of year I reviewed my quilty goals list from this time last year to see how I fared. Here is the post where I articulated those goals. So how did I do?

  • Finish the In-Flight quilt. DONE although at this stage it is still a finished flimsy as it awaits quilting, so I guess quilting it goes on the 2017 list
  • Sew a medallion quilt. Still in progress. I feel ashamed to say that I have not moved on since August due to other commitments, but I have definite plans to complete this quilt in 2017
  • Sew a few queen sized bed quilts for our holiday home. DONE. I made this one and the In Flight quilt will also head there when complete
  • Complete the Mighty Lucky monthly projects. No progress at all! I was super disappointed by this subscription series and found the projects to be not at all as expected. I think if you are someone who likes art journals as a way of developing your arty side then this would appeal, but I found it a bit too art school for my taste. So I pretty much ignored it from July onwards
  • Complete the Tula Pink Marquise EPP quilt. I’ve done the first row of diamonds. I think this is going to be a long term project that lasts several years…. I’m enjoying it when I want to do a hand project, but in the meantime have lots of other stuff on the cutting table!
  • Do more clothes making. I haven’t made any clothes for me but I have made a crazy complex costume for the Golden Child! Does that count?
  • Make a few pouches. DONE see here and here and here
  • Make a quilt from the Alison Glass fabrics. Zero progress and I don’t even have a pattern in mind either. This is moving to the 2017 list
  • Long Time Gone BOM quilt. I am almost up to date with the BOMs and there are two more months to go before assembly. I feel that this should count as an achievement as I am making it in duplicate with the Liberty edition as well as the original version
  • Use my stash. Sort of done. I have not bought much fabric the past 12 months so I feel like this should be marked achieved. It was only the Loominous 2 range that stole my heart and forced a full fat 1/4 bundle purchase! (This year I have to make a quilt with that bundle!)

I also made a number of things that were not on the schedule, such as a few Noodlehead divided baskets for me and for gifts, and a few paper-pieced cushions using Tartankiwi’s dog patterns.


So where to for 2017?

I’d like to get In-flight quilted and am just waiting for my friend Suzet to have her long arm machine set up and a vacancy in her schedule!

I’d like to finish the medallion quilt I am making using Cloud 9 Cirrus Solids. Here’s where I am up to so far with plans on making 3 further rings:

I will finish the Long Time Gone quilts. Here’s a reminder of what the end result is set to look like:

I have the blocks using flying geese to make this month, and then there remain the pineapple blocks (I am dreading those!) and the checkerboard blocks followed by assembly. I can’t wait to have these completed and quilted.

I’d like to make this summer dress and have bought the necessary fabric and notions. I haven’t made a dress for myself for a long time so this will be fun! It’s a Vogue pattern (number V1344) designed by a Kiwi, Rebecca Taylor:

I’d like to make a version of Kaffe Fassett’s Haze Kilim quilt. I bought the pattern and fabric and now just need to get some of the other WIPs off the cutting board to make room for this. It reminds me of the fabrics I saw and bought in Sri Lanka, so I plan on using a sari for the backing when I finally make it!

I will continue with the Tula Marquise hand project and would like to make a few more fabric boxes and baskets, and no doubt I will find other projects to fit in here and there as inspiration hits! I plan on continuing my purchasing freeze and sewing from my stash, although with a trip to the US planned for July that resolution might face challenges!

So what have you decided to have as your sewing goals of this year? How did you go on in 2016?