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Long Time Gone and Catching Up

Happy new year! I wish you good health, rewarding challenges, friendship and prosperity. This is going to be a very interesting year politically and economically, no matter where you live, and I plan on not sweating the small stuff, trying to see the bigger picture, and getting vocal about things that I feel strongly about! In the next few days I will share my quilty plans.

We had a quiet family Christmas and New Year. It will be our last family Christmas for a while as next year the Golden Child will be in Spain on an AFS exchange for 10 months and so we cocooned together  and enjoyed how quiet Christchurch gets at this time of year (everyone else goes on holiday, whereas we holiday in July and September).

I took the opportunity to catch up on my sewing. Travel and production costume commitments the past few months have meant that I was getting quite a stockpile of Long Time Gone BOM packages to make up. Given I am also making this quilt in Liberty too, the three packages really translated to 6 packages, and these recent months have several blocks for completion. I think Jen Kingwell has suddenly realised that only 2 more months remain, one of which is more than likely going to be assembly, and the first two or three months were so lightweight with smallish blocks that now we are playing catch up. It seems a bit like school holidays where the first few weeks seem like there is forever to do everything that needs to be done, and then all of a sudden there’s a week left and nothing on the list has been accomplished!

Month 7 was churn dash blocks in grids. These are not my favourite blocks and so I was really unenthused about making them, and each churn dash was so small (3″ finished) that they were quite fiddly too. I didn’t photograph the ones I made with the fabric from the BOM but they are typical Jen style of lots of fabrics with different designs on them which when jumbled together actually look quite fun. I have to say that many of the provided fabrics are quite garish and I would not normally even glance sideways at them, so it is quite fun to see how cool they look in tiny pieces with other fabrics.

When making my Liberty edition I remembered an earlier month which ended up looking like scrap vomit due to a proliferation of competing patterns and I had to remake with more neutrals in the mix. This time I decided to use lots of neutrals from the beginning and I am very happy with the results.

Month 8 was all about Courthouse Steps and Log Cabins. Each block above is under 6″ finished and they are fiddly strips. I do not know why but the centres seem to twist a little. I noticed it when I made the first edition and really worked hard to correct or prevent it in the second, but I still have that little twist going on. I’d love to know what I am doing wrong and how to prevent this in future!

My log cabins also have a teensy twist in some places and I do wonder if there is an issue with my 1/4″ foot (maybe the side guide is a little bent?). I was worried this block in Liberty would be overpowering, so spent a long time selecting the fabrics to go together and next to each other. I’m pretty happy with the end result and think it will be a nice colour saturated spot in the finished quilt.

Month 9 involved making 130 HSTs of patterned fabric and neutral fabric. I love making HSTs – I get into a rhythm and it’s almost meditative. This time I was watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix….! (I’m up to S2 episode 18). Above and the next two images are the provided fabric editions which look nice and bright as I took the photos with flash.

And here are the Liberty editions (without flash photography):

I have month 10 still awaiting action and that is focused on flying geese. I’m back to work tomorrow so that will have to hold off til the weekend.

I am still enjoying this quilt, though have a stack of excess fabric from the kit edition. I have no idea what I will do with that so suggestions welcome! Usually I make a pieced back but I don’t really love a lot of the fabric that has been used (except as tiny pieces as mentioned above) so don’t plan on doing that this time. I had thought I could sell it as a job lot for someone keen to make this quilt and who has bought the pattern and wants to recreate a lot of the Jen Kingwell look. What do you think of that idea? And where would I sell it?

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  1. Hi Ali
    I have recently bought the Long Time Gone pattern, if you are interested in off loading your excess fabrics from the kit – I would use them, as well as fabrics from my stash. Thanks

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