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My New Sewing Room


We’ve moved house and the rental we will be in for the next 45 weeks has a formal lounge that I claimed for my sewing room. It’s quite a sunny room on the west of the house, so it gets lovely evening sun. I am so happy to have so much space and this is a good practice for working out what works and what doesn’t for my future sewing room in the house we are about to build.

The entrance I mainly use is through cavity sliders from the main living area, through which comes even more sunshine from the north facing double height windows in the living. The door on the left of the above photo is through to the hallway, and the glass bi-folding doors on the right go out to a paved garden. I expect they will be open or ajar many evenings ahead.needledownnz_new_quilt_room_-2

I have pinned up one of my design walls and am enjoying the indirect sunlight onto this wall. I have my iMac and printer close by so I can listen to podcasts and check blogs and print patterns. The baskets below the design wall contain batting and interfacing.


I have an ironing board for easy pressing, and in the corner is a stack of poufs and quilts that Golden Child has taken to using when she comes into the room to watch her TV shows.

Along the far wall are cupboards that run the width of the room and were here when we moved in. They have been very handy for storing my boxes of fabric and keeping them out of the sunlight.


In the centre of the room are my two tables. I bought these tables from Ikea when we lived in Moscow and they have travelled to many places with me since. They were super cheap but they are so sturdy and there is no wobble when my sewing machine is running full tilt. The higher one is for cutting and working out layouts and the lower one for sewing. On the shelf under the cutting table I store boxes which contain my WIP projects. I have similar boxes just underneath the fixed wall cupboards containing other fabric and spare bits of batting and interfacing.

I am quite happy with the tables in the centre of the room, and for safety I have the electric cords inside a safety strip across the carpet.

I love this room and am so happy that my sewing room is accessible and pleasant. I’ve been in there sewing many evenings after dinner, and I can keep up with my dreadful reality TV addiction without bugging Gary who is just the other side of the sliding doors watching his preferred Gold Rush or Gas Monkey Garage.

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