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Long Time Gone BOM Catch Up

needledownnz_Long_time_gone_ 1

When I returned from holiday there were two months’ of BOM packages awaiting me. I used the Stitch Sisters Retreat as a good opportunity to catch up, although the BOMs for months 5 and 6 were fiddly and involved lots of cutting and stitching.

The variation of the Around the World block has tiny pieces that finish at 1″ square. The cutting took a long time just to start with, and then sewing was not super straightforward as I found when I chain pieced the first version and discovered my cunning arrangement and planning had not been so cunning after all and resulted in much use of my seam ripper.

needledownnz_Long_time_gone_1_ 3

Above is the Jen Kingwell BOM fabric version (before chain piecing fiasco), and below once sewn and pressed. It’s pretty cute and definitely worth the 2+ hours of cutting and assembly!

needledownnz_long_time_gone_3_-1I then made the Liberty version and was quite nervous about ensuring these many small pieces worked well together and didn’t create a big blur of ill defined “vomit”. Do you find that too, that Liberty fabrics need careful consideration of colour, value AND scale of pattern when combined?

Anyway, I am quite pleased with the Liberty result:

needledownnz_Long_time_gone_ 2

The second Long Time Gone BOM block was quite a complex large block (about 12″ x 18″ finished) using interlocking plus signs and a sawtooth star. Jen’s fabric selection did not include any low volume fabrics and so I felt quite nervous, once again, about ensuring the fabrics worked well together and didn’t install nausea in all who viewed them.


Above is the Jen Kingwell fabric selection version. And below is my Liberty version:


So what do you think?

One thought on “Long Time Gone BOM Catch Up

  1. Welcome back !
    I love the Liberty plus and star block . I kind of feel that most Liberty fabrics blend well together by default . It does get tricky sometimes with scale , but i reckon in the end it balances out

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