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Liberty Crocs and other random stuff

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Ever since I went to Japan last year and discovered Uniqlo I have been lusting over their limited editions at super cheap prices on their website. They don’t have stores here nor deliver to NZ so I only get to stock up when I am overseas. Recently I saw that they had a limited range in collaboration with Liberty, and coincidentally the Golden Child was about to visit her best friend who moved to Melbourne, and so with beating heart I ordered from their Aussie store and arranged delivery to our friends.

I’ve had to wait a few weeks to get my hands on these lovely items, but they were very worth the wait. I got a few T-shirts, a tote bag and these “Room Shoes”, which is the Japanese term for slippers. In my haste I didn’t realise I ordered large, so I do resemble Minnie Mouse when I wear them.

My bubble burst, however, when Gary saw them and asked if they were Crocs….. Seriously, he did.

I’ve been busy assembling EPP Liberty hexies to make another cushion and I am almost done with the EPP side of things. No photos as yet, but trust me, it’s yummy!

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Next weekend I have a baby shower to attend so when I saw this bear fabric at Stitchbird on a recent trip to Wellington I knew it would make a perfect Noodlehead Divided Basket. Shame I didn’t have my pattern with me as I didn’t quite buy enough to make the outer pocket, which would have been pretty handy on this. I plan to fill it with nappy cream, wipes and teensy newborn nappies, plus a little pamper treat for the new mama. Hope she likes it!

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  1. Crocs – such a man comment – designed to stir. After the success of my AMH hexi pillow, I’m contemplating doing something EPP with myLiberty – look forward to seeing yours.

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