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Modern Medallion Ring #2 WIP

needledownnz_medallion_ring#2_ 1

I do like to chain piece from time to time, and especially flying geese which are so satisfying to make and quickly turn into something quite cool. These geese are ombré coral coloured and inspired by the beautiful flock of flamingoes I was lucky enough to observe and photograph in Cuba earlier this year. Here’s a wee pic from that trip – aren’t they just wonderful?


This medallion’s Ring #2 has flamingoes (not geese) flying around the ring with a few dark red posts in the corners and mid-points of each side for them to land on and perch. I’ve made the sides and the corners but assembly will have to wait til later this week. Here’s what they will look like:

needledownnz_medallion_ring#2_ 2

I am so pleased with the way this ring has finished up, and it is exactly like I imagined – a feat many will know does not always come to fruition!

I didn’t assemble this ring because I got distracted…. By the need to make another Noodlehead Divided Basket to corral all the random laptop and device charging cables and separate them into types (laptop chargers, USB chargers in case you were interested..). I do love this Cloud 9 Koi fabric.

needledownnz_medallion_ring#2_ 3

So what have you been making lately?

2 thoughts on “Modern Medallion Ring #2 WIP

  1. Yep, they’re flamingos alright. The minute I saw your quilt so far I knew you must be using Cirrus Solids, went back through your previous posts to find out and yes, I was right. I worked with them last year in a Cloud9 challenge set for my Guild. Aren’t they great to work with and have more texture than you normally get with solids? Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for your next border 😀 – Chris

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