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Long Time Gone Liberty Edition

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Here are the Liberty edition blocks of the Long Time Gone BOM. I confess to being a bit undecided about them. I worry that one or two (or all in combination) have a scrap vomit aura. So I think I will remain on the fence until it comes to quilt assembly and I can see what is in the same area of the quilt and how it all looks.

They get put together in the quilt in two units of three blocks set vertically, but apart from that I don’t have much else to go off. I have only two photos of the quilt, so from this I can see that one unit has low volume background fabric bars in between each block (middle left of the image) and the other (top right of the image) seems to show them set next to each other. This setting might prove critical to the overall impact and also which I put next to each other.


I would really like to have a better full picture of the quilt than the one below, or a schema of the layout, as that would help me choose colours and fabrics. I have asked and been told that more photos will be provided in due course.


While making these blocks I noticed that one of the fabrics that I had previously thought of as little dashes of colour was in fact teeny tiny horses (or similar animal)! Check this out – so cute! Those ponies remind me of the cartoon books “Thelwell” that I used to read when I was a child – if you missed out on that experience, here is the Facebook page of the Thelwell group.

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This weekend I also made a few flying geese for the next ring of the medallion. I am experimenting a little with the size of these and so far have made them in a smaller size. This version will then have two strips of background fabric either side of the geese thus setting them apart from the previous and next rings, both of which fill the entire 6″ width.

needledownnz_long_time_gone_liberty_3_ 2

Isn’t that coral so pretty? I used the blunt triangle method using the Fons and Porter flying geese template ruler. I used that on a previous quilt and find it to be the best for precision whilst having zero wastage. Do you have a preferred flying geese method?

2 thoughts on “Long Time Gone Liberty Edition

  1. I have to admit that I tend to shy away from Liberty and busy multicolor prints because of the, urm, “scrap vomit” aura. I think they are lovely on their own, but am so intimidated about using them and having it look good. I think that the setting and your choice of blocks next to each other should help this out, and hopefully you do get more photos and setting information to help.

    And the coral is great! I like the 4 at a time geese method (I don’t know if that’s is real name, but I make 4 at a time when I piece them). I’m definitely eager to watch this medallion grow for you. 🙂

  2. I came over to yr blog after reading the posts about the Gypsy Wife quilt. I never seem to like quilts when the patterns first come out – a local quilt shop had a class making this quilt, a few blocks each month, I saw the pieces and thought it was nive but never in a million years. Well, we must have passed a million years because now I like the quilt and I LOVE your version. Yes, the colors talk to me. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that and then ask a question. Will I find charts of patterns in the actual pattern or did you make your own? I read a post where you referred to someone else having them but I went there and didn’t find them. Thanks! I do like this current quilt even though I’m not a Liberty fan.

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