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Long Time Gone BOM #3


It’s month 3 of Jen Kingwell’s Long Time Gone BOM and as usual I was super excited to receive the wee fabric and pattern package, and found it hard to stay concentrating at work for the rest of the day! I really ought not to have future subscriptions sent to work in future…

This week Jen had us making “English crosses”. Being British born I do take issue with her description. First off, the English flag is a St George cross, which looks like this:


Secondly, let’s assume she meant to have the block looking like a Union Jack flag (which also strictly speaking for the pedants around here is called the Union Flag…!), well even then there’re elements missing as each 1/8th triangle has a further triangle within. That is because the Union Jack is made up  of three flags – the George Cross (as above, red cross on white), the St Andrew’s saltire (blue background with white diagonal cross), and the St Patrick saltire (fine red diagonal cross on white).

But hey, who’s being picky?! I am not hung up on this at all, despite how it might seem (!!) but hope my little diversion there was interesting at least.

And so, back to the BOM. These blocks are so cute and come in at 4″ finished, and I was surprised how quickly they came together. I have to say that I am somewhat nervous about the extent of work to come in this BOM as after 3 months we have still got a significant number of blocks left to make and only 9 months remaining. I am wondering if we will find ourselves at the end with lots and lots of blocks to make.

Next weekend I’ll make the Liberty edition. It’s so hard to choose which of those yummy fabrics to use!


PS did you spot the cute pandas in the block top centre? So cute.

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