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Building the Medallion

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My parcel of Cirrus Solids arrived last week together with a colour swatch card so I spent a happy few hours working out exactly which colours will be used in which concentric ring for my medallion quilt. Naturally another order was placed….

I needed to make the centre exploding star bigger and get it to 18″ finished. I had considered enlarging it and making a new one, but these penny candy blocks kept coming into my mind. I wasn’t sure if I wanted them to be at staggered distances out, to accentuate the exploding star, but after a few aborted attempts I realised that was just going to be very tricky and time consuming. Then, the lightbulb moment of constructing them in a long row then splicing the candy strip in between two plain strips. So simple, so quick, how come it took me ages to work that one out?!

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, and the emphasis on the larger candy on the corners is a featureĀ I will have in a few of the future rings.

I’ve drawn up my ideas and the colours of Cirrus Solids I will use for each ring, so now to await the next consignment’s arrival so I can make ring #1.

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