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Starting the Medallion


Making a medallion quilt has been on my mind for a while now and the saga of the badly cut Kaffe stripes pushed me into action.

I have been inspired by this one that I found on the net one day. I like the white space and the simple colours and blocks. To hand I had a FQ bundle of Cloud 9 Cirrus Solids that I thought had the right amount of colour pop and duskiness combined and so I started to plan.

The exploding star block will be my centre, surrounded by (in no order) diagonal crosses, flying geese, hourglasses, checkerboards, penny candy and half stars. All quite geometric. Each ring will be in a different colour; yellow/amber, purple/pink, coral/brick, navy/blue, turquoise/teal. The background will be a putty colour.

With FQs I don’t have anywhere near enough fabric so I hopped onto Hawthorne Threads and ordered more. Now is the annoying part of having to order from overseas and the wait until the parcel arrives!

I have made the centre block. I made it at 12″ and now I have a slight dilemma as the next ring is 6″ wide and needs to end up at 30″ finished, meaning the centre block needs to be 18″. I can either make it again at 18″, or add a “mini ring” of 3″ all the way around to add onto this block. The ring of 3″ could be plain background, but I think that will make the centre block look a bit detached from the rest of the quilt, or I also thought I could do little penny candy 1″ dots all the way round in a way that makes it look like the star is exploding. Of course I put my dilemma out to my sewing group via Facebook and a wise member has suggested I make the bigger one and add penny candy to this one and then compare the two, making a pillow out of the one I don’t use. So that is the way I will go. Once my order arrives….

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