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In-flight Almost Complete

Needledownnz_inflight_almost_finished_ 1

This last weekend I finished the last two blocks for In-flight; a duck and an eagle.

Needledownnz_inflight_almost_finished_ 2

The eagle is a super huge 24″ square and has some pretty big pieces of fabric involved. It took a whole FQ of the green solid Kona with tiny scrappy bits left over. I am not a fan of making large paper piecing blocks, in particular when one of the sections of the block was almost half of the finished block, like the square cut off centre into triangles. That was very tricky to work with. I have a few tricks when making large sections or sections with large pieces of fabric in them – I stick completed parts down with glue stick and use pins to hold the loose fabric I am adding onto the already sewed pieces underneath. Even with these tricks I still ended up with some pieces wrinkling underneath necessitating use of the seam ripper a little more than I would have liked.

So now I have all the blocks made I laid out my spare design wall onto the floor and placed onto it the completed blocks in a random arrangement. I filled the gaps with spare pieces of the background fabric. I stood on the sofa and took photos, which was really useful in terms of seeing the colour distribution and fixing and imbalances.

Here is the end layout which I will now sew together ready for long arming:

Needledownnz_inflight_almost_finished_ 3

I have backing fabric already picked. I will be using the Tula Pink Freewill wideback in navy with Tula Pink Labyrinth in sprout at the edges as a feature. Now just hoping Suzet Pont can fit it into her long arm schedule in time for me to take it to our holiday home in July.

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