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Flying High

needledownnz_inflight_flying_high_ 1

The top is complete! I followed the layout I shared last week and I love the result. The photo doesn’t show the Art Gallery Fabrics Oval Elements for the background as the sun has washed the detail out, but in real life they are a lovely texture to the evening sky I imagine the birds are flying in.

I pretended to my husband and Golden Child that I wanted him to go for drive and then forced them to hold up the quilt to best effect. We went to the Red Zone, which is a part of Christchurch that used to be residential but after our series of quakes was deemed not solid enough ground for residential property. The government bought the houses off all the owners and as the houses are demolished a natural parkland is emerging and birds are returning to the city limits. So it seemed fitting to take the quilt there for the photoshoot.

Of course it didn’t go as smoothly as all that….. we first went to the beach and here are the outtakes:

needledownnz_inflight_flying_high_ 2 needledownnz_inflight_flying_high_ 4

Without waiting around too much, I began prepping for my next project which was to be Haze Kilim from Kaffe’s Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts book. I had bought all the required fabric earlier this year online and just needed to press out the creases, but as I ironed I noticed some of the fabrics had been cut on a distinct angle. Of the 20 half yard cuts, 15 were cut on an angle, and as these are stripes and the stripes need to be perpendicular, the process of straightening up will lose a large amount of fabric. I’m really disappointed and have emailed the vendor and hope to get it sorted. Check out the angles on these:

needledownnz_inflight_flying_high_ 3

So now I am not sure what project to do while I wait for the replacement fabric to arrive, so I may be some time while I lose myself down an internet rabbit hole!

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