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Buzzards in Invisibility Cloaks

Needledownnz_buzzards_in_invisibility_cloaks_ 1

This is how Tropical Cabins finished up. It’s the first time I have ever made a quilt with such a large amount of negative space, and I like it but still think it needs to grow more on me. I like the off-centre setting for the cabins blocks, and really this photo doesn’t do the colours justice as I took it in full sun at lunchtime and was in a hurry, so apologies for the photo quality.

This weekend I made two more blocks from In-flight; the buzzard and the kestrel. Before I start to sew sections together I set them out to ensure that I didn’t make any mistakes, this is a step I have learned to do following a very time consuming error one time in the past. Luckily I did that this time as I was able to see that either I had made a mistake or my buzzard was wearing an Invisibility Cloak!

Needledownnz_buzzards_in_invisibility_cloaks_ 2

I was also able to see that I had omitted a final piece (visible in the upper left corner on the top edge).

So a quick seam ripper moment and I resolved both of those issues, sewed the sections together et voilà:

Needledownnz_buzzards_in_invisibility_cloaks_ 3

MUCH better!

I also made the kestrel block:

Needledownnz_buzzards_in_invisibility_cloaks_ 4

Only two more blocks to go and then I can assemble the whole top, though one of those blocks is another 24″ one and looks a wee bit complicated!

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