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Shaky Islands

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It’s been a good week in the sewing studio and shopping for the studio. In Auckland I managed to squeeze in a stop at Patchwork Passion and another at All About Patchwork. In the former I bought a few Tula FQs and some French General linen that will be perfect for a table runner, and in the latter I bought a bit of Kaffe, some Cotton and Steel and some Kona Snow, which is one of my go-to basics.

I had wanted to buy a variety of Kaffe stripes to make the Haze Kilim (see an example here) but they didn’t have a large range and not the thin caterpillar stripes I was looking for. I think their recent Kaffe workshop with the man himself has seen quilters descend on the shop like locusts and snag all the Kaffe fabrics! When I got home I quickly went onto Glorious Color and bought the caterpillar stripes in blues and greens and some of the ikat in similar watery colours, so now I am hoping they will arrive before the retreat next weekend. That might be wishful thinking.

My Jen Kingwell BOM project has not arrived yet and so as I ended up with an evening and day free to sew this weekend I had to improvise. I have lots of Kate Spain Paradiso left over from my Cruces de Revolution quilt and so on Friday night when I spotted a log cabin quilt in the latest Love Patchwork and Quilting, I knew I had to make a version of it with these fabrics.

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I have modified the quilt a little as it’s way too small in the pattern and above are my planning notes (using my Quilters Planner!!). I am calling this quilt Tropical Cabins as they will be an improv log cabin using these tropical colours. There are four different blocks that make up the quilt and these are repeated and placed randomly in rotation. The blocks have differing widths of “logs” and so when set together they will be a bit jaunty. So far I have made all of Block A and cut the components for blocks B, C and D.

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Here they are placed on my design wall, not at all in the end design, but looking very pretty nonetheless. I plan on making the quilt one row shorter than the pattern (so it is square) and then surrounding the unit of blocks with white fabric,sort of off-set towards a corner of the white background. Hoping it will be quite pretty.

So if my Jen Kingwell doesn’t arrive by Friday I will be taking this to the retreat to work on alongside the paper pieced In-flight and the hand-pieced Tula Marquise.

Mid way through making these blocks, just after I had got a fresh mug of tea, we got a 5.9 quake here in Christchurch. It went on for a good while, enough that I was starting to get anxious it was becoming a bigger quake. My tea ended up all over the sewing machine (it fell from the cutting table which is higher) and all over the chain pieced blocks, which had the initial square and the first round of logs. But the kitchen and laundry were bigger messes to clear up. I think my sewing machine is OK as I was able to finish these but I am a bit concerned and will keep an eye on it longer term. Holy smokes! It’s been shaking off and on all afternoon and we do NOT need a whole new swarm of quakes just as we feel we are seeing the daylight at the end of this tunnel of recovery!

Kia kaha, readers.

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3 thoughts on “Shaky Islands

  1. We are near Kaiteriteri and have Dutch friends staying at the moment. Tomorrow they are heading off to Hanmer Springs and then Thursday to Christchurch. Jackie is very apprehensive of going to see their friends there as they were with them the day after the 22nd Feb earthquake so does not want to experience those aftershocks I am sure you and everyone in Christchurch feels. Would you advise them to cancel their trip to Christchurch?

    • Linda – as someone else who lives in Christchurch I wouldn’t cancel the trip. There are aftershocks but they are mostly not noticeable, and nothing like after the 22nd Feb earthquake. Life is pretty much back to normal Monday morning. But it’s a very personal decision as it depends on how the earthquakes affected Jackie and her friends.

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