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Quiltcon Living Springs

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This weekend quilty blogs and Instagram posts will be filled with images and chatter from Quiltcon Pasadena. Meanwhile in the South Island of New Zealand, the REAL modern quilting royalty were meeting at a secret location code-named Living Springs, sewing up a storm, solving the world’s problems, and enjoying this view:

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There’s something very special about hanging out with a bunch of like-minded friends and only having to worry about which fabric to use next and when the bobbin is going to run out. Many projects were completed and others had a good amount of progress made on them. I gained stacks of inspiration from other projects, in particular this gorgeous x and + quilt by Kirsty:

Needledown_nz_quiltcon_livingsprings_ 7

How yummy is that? I definitely see my version of that in my future sometime soon!

For me, I worked on completing the Tropical Cabins, or at least the part that I can complete until I buy some plain white yardage on Wednesday.


Unfortunately I was only able to stay one night as I had double booked myself and had Cirque du Soleil tickets for last night, but the rest of the posse are still there and if anyone is interested in seeing what they have been up to check out #quiltconlivingsprings on Instagram as I know a number of them are posting regularly.

Here is Andrea laying out her son’s HST quilt and I am looking forward to seeing the end result:

Needledown_nz_quiltcon_livingsprings_ 2

We are already making plans for another weekend and I am really looking forward to it, and next time I won’t be double booking myself.

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