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Long Time Gone #1

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I signed up for Jen Kingwell’s BOM called Long Time Gone and, after what felt like forever, the first parcel arrived. I had forgotten I had put the delivery address as my office, so on Tuesday when the parcel arrived I found it a bit hard to stay motivated and not whip home right away to make the block!

The Bom comes with fabric and this month there were 9 low volume background pieces and 9 prints. The sizes of each piece of fabric was about 12″ x 10″ and there was a note that we will need to cut sparingly as fabrics will be reused in later months. I have set up a storage box dedicated to this project and all scraps will be put in there. I tend to do this for every project I have on the go and only once the quilt is bound do I gather the scraps and decide what to do with them – either add to the scrap basket or sew them together to make panels of fabric for use in making pouches or hot water bottle covers or other small projects at a later date.

Each of these blocks measures 10″ square. I think I mentioned that I was also going to make a Liberty/low volume version of this quilt at the same time, so I have done a pull from my extensive (and untouched – yikes!) stash of Liberty deliciousness, and also from my equally large and untouched stash of low volumes. Here’s the selection:

Needledownnz_liberty_stash_ 1

Needledownnz_liberty_stash_ 2

If you read my Gypsy Wife posts you will know that I have previously had issues with Jen’s pattern accuracy, but I am happy to report that this month the instructions were very clear and the measurements very precise. I think the advantage here is that Jen has designed this specifically for rotary cutting and machine construction, and so the pattern fits well. Hurrah!

And in other news, I achieved a few firsts this week that had not been on my list of things to do. Firstly on Thursday I managed to sew my finger with my machine. I have always wondered how on earth people do this, well now I know! Luckily only one downward motion, no blood, and missed my nail. Second unintended first was slicing my finger with my rotary cutter. My excuse? It was very hot (upper 30s C) and I was thinking about the next step while doing the cutting and so I swiped my left pinkie finger across the blade as I cut right to left with my right hand. Doh! And it hurt! And boy did it bleed! I felt bone with the blade, which struck about 3/8″ from the tip. I ran to the kitchen and stuck it under cold water and my husband ran in to help. He was trying to find the butterfly plasters we know we have, but ended up going out to his workshop for his first aid kit, during which time I fainted, probably through the shock of it all and the cold water contrast to the heat around us! He came in, found me on the floor, completed the bandaging of my finger and stuck my head between my knees. And you know what? It’s actually Gary who can’t cope with blood! LOL. So now I am sporting a rather fetching ensemble of Hello Kitty and Cars Band Aids as his workshop kit also didn’t have butterfly plasters. I sense a trip to the pharmacy is in order.

Needledownnz_liberty_stash_ 3


2 thoughts on “Long Time Gone #1

  1. Ali you crack me up! I laughed so hard about your injuries. In hindsight this wasn’t a nice thing to be doing. I’d love to see your Liberty stash on Tuesday night 😉

  2. I can’t find this pattern anywhere. I saw it on pinterest and that you you could sign up for it but nothing on Jen’s site. Is there a pattern available now or will there be soon?

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