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More Leftovers and a Hard Decision

needledown_nz_chinese_crockery_quilt_ 3

I still have a lot of fabric left over from the Shimmer Feathers quilt and so I used the (next to) last piece to make this bucket. It’s 9″ tall and 7″ diameter. I used Soft n Stable as the batting which holds it up nice and strong. Probably a bit of overkill there and maybe a medium interfacing on both lining and exterior, or medium interfacing on lining and fusible fleece on exterior would have been more appropriate. Anyway, it’s cute and will be useful and uses up some of those leftovers!

The pattern was made off the cuff by me, but pretty much I cut the exterior and the lining measuring 22″ x 9.5″, sewed them into a tube and then added a circle 8″ diameter onto the bottom. The same for the lining batting (but as I say above, medium interfacing and fusible fleece would be better). Place the lining right side inside, then the exterior right side out is slipped inside, and finally the lining batting if used. I sewed them all together around the top with a 1/2″ seam and left a gap about 3″ to pull it back through and turn it all right sides in the right places. I then top stitched around the top and ladder stitched the gap I had left when joining all three together. Et voilà!

At my sewing group day at the weekend I was on a bit of a roll with the leftovers and used up some old Kaffe Fassett scraps from my Hothouse Flowers quilt to make another hot water bottle cover. This one is destined for my dear friend who lives in Moscow. (Hope she’s not reading this!) She is an art teacher and has confessed to also having a soft spot for all things Kaffe. I have more Kaffe in my scrap bag and plan on making her a few other bits and pieces of happiness. Here’s the latest hottie cover:

needledown_nz_chinese_crockery_quilt_ 1

I also made a hard decision after consulting with the wise sages of my quilting group. The Off the Grid quilt is just not lighting my fire or turning out as I had hoped and planned. It’s too flat, and I don’t love it, and just knowing I have it to make is actually slowing me down with my quilting. So I have decided to cut my losses at the 14 or so blocks I have completed to date and not throw good sewing after boring. I will find some way of combining the blocks already made into something useful – maybe a lap quilt or similar – and I am moving on to something that inspires me more.

The weight is gone from my shoulders and I feel liberated! Now to decide which of the wishlist projects I will do next.

Huge thanks to those of you who commented or emailed with suggestions on background fabric for the Off the Grid quilt. I really did appreciate your input and definitely think your suggestions would have been the way I went (the oval elements was the most popular).

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