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2015 Finish Along – the Final Reckoning


Well, I started with a hiss and a roar and by the end of the year I had been distracted elsewhere, which I guess is normal for creative types!

Quarters 1 and 3 were particularly productive, and quarter 2 less so largely due to a big work commitment, but also as I seem to recall I found lots of non-list things to make. Quarter 4 has seen me get tied up in procrastinating about abandoning one project and distracted again by non-list projects.

I think this is probably normal and I am certainly not beating myself up about it. I remind myself that this list is also a means of me keeping track of projects I have purchased specific fabric or patterns for and that really, really pressed my buttons. It is unrealistic to expect to finish everything, and I worked on the basis of keeping the list long so that I would have choice if I became bored with one or more projects.

So will I do a Finish Along again in 2016? Absolutely, yes! I like the reminder list – it keeps me honest and prompts me about the various kits I have purchased and forgotten about. It acts as a place where I can make note of designs or ideas that are more solid than just a notion and that I have fully thought about and intend to make. In other words, once an idea makes it to the list it is more than just a passing fancy. This list is a useful tool for me, but I do think that I need to create categories within it – certain projects yet to be started, WIPs, small gap-filler projects, longer term would love to make projects.

I have ordered the Quilter’s Planner which I think will be a better alternative to the plain notebook I use at the moment. I’m going to carry this around and make notes and jot down ideas and maybe even put fabric swatches in it! So I will report back on how that all goes. In the meantime, here’s the end result of this year’s Finish Along:
2015 sewing project checklist


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