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Two weeks ago I got my iPad version of the latest Love Patchwork and Quilting. If you haven’t discovered this magazine then you MUST go out and seek it as you will be very pleased that you made the effort to do so! It’s a UK publication but as Apple offers it through their Newsstand it is available to all us global quilters in the electronic format. I have a subscription and can honestly say that in every issue I find at least one idea I am inspired by.

The above photo is a screenshot of the Off The Grid quilt designed by the Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild. Isn’t it fabulously retro yet modern? Especially with that Eames reproduction chair in the foreground….

If you have read recent posts you will know that my best intentions with the Oakshott purples and blues shot cottons did not go according to my imagination nor plans and that I abandoned the modern  crosses quilt I had intended to make. In fact, I was starting to feel quite down in the dumps about the whole FQ bundle searching for inspiration when I came across this quilt pattern again at the weekend. I had made a note to make the quilt in the future, I just hadn’t connected the dots between the pattern and the fabric bundle until yesterday.


When I got home from work tonight I hustled to my sewing room and starting cutting strips as per the instructions. It’s an improvisational design so the instructions are simply to cut strips of random widths between X and Y and then to assemble blocks from them. The pattern provides a “recipe” for the required number of blocks of several different sizes, and then gives instructions for assembly. It’s a good formula as it really allows the quilter to add a huge amount of personalisation into the mix in addition to the selection of fabrics.

I have made four blocks so far of the 48 total required and I really like the method and the results I am getting. Apologies for the colour quality of the photo which was taken in bad light using my iPhone instead of the usual DSLR.

I plan on using the 12 or so Oakshott fabrics for the coloured improv squares and then a Kona grey for the background – perhaps silver, smoke or shadow. The finished quilt is destined to be 64″ x 74″ although I might make it square out at 74″ x 74″.

So, first cab off the rank for the Q4 of the 2015 Finish Along!

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