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Leftovers (again)

needledown_nz_double_pocket_pouch_ 3 (1)

Do you recognise this fabric and patchwork? Yep, more leftovers from the Shimmer feathers quilt that I had sewn together to make a larger piece ready for a new project. And when I saw Sara Lawson’s Filigree Double Pocket Pouch on her blog on Friday I knew what I would use it for!

Sara has surpassed herself with this pattern which is straightforward yet complex. The pattern comes in three sizes and includes instructions for adding ribbon trim, as seen on Sara’s blog. I chose to skip the ribbon as this patchwork was already quite busy.

I sewed the medium size and found the wrangling of multiple layers and a curved edge to be very manageable. I will report back when I have made a small one, which I intend to do in the coming weeks. Reading the pattern the only bit I struggled to visualise was step 22 (and 23). It took some time for me to realise that it was only the zips which were on top of each other at the sewing edge and that the layers of lining had to be offset. The following photo shows how the bottom layer is set out, and the top layer is the same but upside down so that the zips have right sides facing and touching and it’s only the zips which end up sewn together.

needledown_nz_double_pocket_pouch_ 1 (1)

Once sewn, the end on view is like this:

needledown_nz_double_pocket_pouch_ 2 (1)

It’s very important too that at this step the zipper tabs are lined up with each other so that they appear to be a single strip (front to back) when the bag is completed. (see below)


The medium sized bag uses half a fat quarter for each lining pouch and slightly more than a fat quarter  for the exterior plus a long strip for the exterior gusset. Two 12″ zips and some By Annie Soft n Stable padding and you’re good to go. Sara recommends using different coloured zips and I have to agree that is quite a nice touch (I used two shades of cream/milky coffee for mine).

The pattern is very straightforward and the photos are easy to follow (except for step 22 as noted above). I found that the gusset is quite wide at the top where it joins the end of the zipper tabs and I am contemplating adding a slender strip of fabric between the zips to make it slightly wider. I also think the pouch linings could be slightly bigger as the gusset will allow plenty of stuffing with contents.

When topstitching the outside and lining along the zip I recommend opening the zip itself so you can check you don’t catch the other linings in the seam you are sewing as I did. It’s quite a bulky seam so it’s easy not to realise all the other layers are also there!

needledown_nz_double_pocket_pouch_ 4 (1)

All up it took me about 3 hours to make, including the quilting which in itself is quite time consuming.

This is definitely a “to be recommended” pattern and I think it could be tackled by a beginner with a bit of experience.

needledown_nz_double_pocket_pouch_ 5 (1)

PS – there’s still even more of the Shimmer quilt leftovers remaining so watch this space for more projects using leftovers!

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