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You may have noticed a brief absence the last two weeks. I spent a week on a course in Queenstown for work, that was fun, profound and exhausting. Then I spent a week catching up and also getting my head back in the Real World. The course was incredible but involved a lot of soul searching and goal setting, and I often find that when I do that kind of activity in such an intense way it takes me a few days to get back to reality. So apologies for my silence.

Before heading away I whipped up a couple of pouches, because everyone needs something nice and new to take away on a trip! The first thing I made was a boxy pouch following the No Guts Boxy pattern by The So Chick Chick which I bought on Craftsy. (link is not affiliate, I won’t earn anything if you buy the pattern).

The pattern was very easy and straightforward, good instructions, and clear photos. It took me about an hour. I made it slightly shorter than the pattern as I wanted to use fat quarters and had already cut into the outer fabric. I used Anna Maria Horner Folk Song of rate exterior, Cotton + Steel (Tokyo Train Ride collection) for the inside and Art Gallery Squared Elements for the tabs. You will also need SF101 interfacing and a long zip.

I used it to corral all my charger cords and plugs and laptop mouse for the trip, and it is the perfect size for that. Using the SF101 makes it sturdy enough for the purpose but it doesn’t stand up on its own. For the photo above I had to stuff it to show off the shape. I think it would adapt well to having sturdier interfacing.

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I used the same fabrics to make a coordinating pencil case using Svetlana’s Lola Pouch. (once again, not an affiliate link). I’ve made several of these before and can’t find a way to perfect this pattern!

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Because I was on a roll, I made another Lola Pouch using Cotton + Steel matches for the exterior and Anna Maria Horner for the interior. Once again, the trim fabric is an Art Gallery one. (Am I becoming predictable in my choice of fabrics for pouches?!)

This second pencil case Lola is for my coloured pencils as I have recently joined the bandwagon craze of adult colouring books (not adult X-rated themed, but designs to appeal to adults!).

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I think it’s time I went back to making a quilt and I have two ideas in mind – a modern crosses using Oakshott shot cottons in purples (I shared the fabric pull a few weeks ago) and following a design something like this one by Mandy Parks, or the Paper Petals quilt by Adrienne which I bought the pattern for yonks ago but will involve lots of paper piecing.

So, what should it be? Improv modern crosses in deep rich purples, or paper piecing in pale blues and oranges?

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