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Noodle head Double Zip Wallet

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Another completed project from my Q3 2015 Finish Along list, this is Noodlehead’s Double Zip Wallet from her recent book.

Right up to the last step this pattern was really easy to follow and quite quick to put together. In fact, if I hadn’t had to go out to buy zips and magnetic snaps I would have finished this in under two hours. More about that tricky last step later.

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I used an old and beloved Tula Pink fabric from her Acacia range. I love this print and am so glad I still have the best part of a metre left as I think it will be awesome binding for a future quilt!

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The pocket linings and card slot trim are a basic off white linen, possibly a Moda one but without selvedge I can’t be sure. The centre lining where the card slots are is Kona Salmon.

needledown_nz_noodlehead_double_wallet_ 6

I am particularly pleased by the serendipitous coordination of the linen and the zips. Quite fortuitous really as the only colours I had to choose from in the amazing selection available in Spotlight (cue sarcasm) were cream, black, red, navy or bottle green. Hmm, bet you overseas readers are so envious of the zipper choice we have here!!

needledown_nz_noodlehead_double_wallet_ 7

In typical Noodlehead fashion the instructions are very clear and free of mistakes. I only got confused at the last step where the sides were sewn together as the entire unit is inside out and back to front. I have given much thought to this but I am not sure how I could explain it better than Anna already does without the use of copious photos and 3000 words. Suffice to say, if you remember that you need to create a tube with exterior fabrics right sides together as one half of a tube and lining right sides together as the other side of the tube, and then you remember that you are sewing around the tube at each side, then you won’t go wrong! (I hope that is helpful to anyone out there making the wallet).

needledown_nz_noodlehead_double_wallet_ 3

The other hot tip is that the fold over tab goes from the INSIDE side of wallet one to cover the zip of wallet two and fasten on the OUTSIDE of wallet two. If that makes sense. I had to double check the photos as my instinct was to have the tab cover both zips.

The only thing I am not happy about is the bumpy part by the zips along the right hand side. I should have made that seam wider than 1/2″ so that it was straight down like the left hand side. But hey, that’s just my perfectionism coming out and to be honest, would a man on a galloping horse notice?!

So I highly recommend this pattern. I think it is likely to be a go-to for gifts for the coming year, and I think I am going to make a longer one to use as a travel wallet. Watch this space!

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