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Sometimes I get an idea in my head and it pesters my everyday consciousness until I scratch the itch! This bucket basket was just one of those things, especially after I had sewn together the leftovers from my Feathering my Nest quilt into useable blocks.

I made this using just one of the blocks, so there are three or four left for me to make other leftover delights. This making use of leftovers is my pet Frugal Quilting project. I have added a category over there on the right so that as we progress you can find all of my other posts that make use of leftovers. Just a disclosure for today – this is only the second such post, the hot water bottles being the first.

I used the Nesting Buckets pattern by Svetlana which I bought many months ago during an online pattern buying binge. I am pleased to say I have used 30% of the patterns I bought in that binge, which is pretty good considering I have at least 10 quilting books and have only made 2 or 3 items from them, and from the 50 or so magazines I have I have perhaps made 4 items.

The pattern calls for Decor Bond, but as my order from Amazon has not yet arrived I used Gigli instead. Gigli has to be one of the most irritating products I know! Yes, it’s great as a heavyweight interfacing, but that glue on the back is a farce and reminds me of the glue on the envelopes I bought in China in 1998 (i.e. dried up when Mao was still Chairman). My hot tip is to hold the iron on the surface and max the steam for 10 seconds then hold the iron in place for another 5 seconds. Even this is hit and miss, and that is using my PerfectCare steam generator power iron!! Anyway, forewarned is forearmed.

All up and excluding the sewing up of the scraps to make the initial block, this took about an hour and a half to make. The instructions were really clear, though I did almost miss the fact that the Gigli had to be fused to all pieces right after cutting. This is the middle sized bucket and it’s pretty large at about 9″ high, so not the teensy wee buckets that many patterns are for these days. This is going to be a really useful size and already the Golden Child has asked if I will make her a few in blacks and whites (what is it with teens these days that everything has to be all neutral shades and “interior design” in their bedrooms?! I blame Ikea myself). Second hot tip for this pattern – use stacks of Wonderclips!

Here’s the other side:

needledown_nz_frugal_quilting_ 2

Exterior – Jennifer Sampou Shimmer

Interior – Kona Bone

Handles – silver 1″ wide leather from Nippori in Tokyo

Thread – Aurifil 50wt in cream and a silver blue grey

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  1. Chairman Mao ‘s envelopes made me chuckle
    And my daughter went through that whole mono chrome stage too It was so nice when one day she wore a colour

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