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Sunday Stash #15

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How long can a fabric famine last? That was a rhetorical question as all quilters know that such famines are rare once in a hundred year events.

Since the NZ dollar starting dropping a month or so ago, and especially when I started putting away my Japan trip purchases, I decided that I would slow down on buying and start doing some using up of the stash I have already acquired. This goal has been supported by the dearth of decent fabric shops in Christchurch these days. However, this last fortnight I have had a business trip to Wellington and another to Auckland, both cities where there are decent fabric shops, so how can a girl resist. I just tell myself I am keeping these shops in business so that I won’t end up only having online sources for new fabric.

In Auckland this week I went to Patchwork Passion in Onehunga as I heard that they stocked Oakshott  shot cottons. Even better they are located only a small detour from the airport. It’s a cute shop with a nice range of fabrics ranging from some funky modern-isn fabric, through French General, feedsack style patterns, Japanese and traditional fabrics suitable for a Civil War Quilt. The ladies running the shop were very knowledgeable and on display the samples were very precise and displayed lots of talent, which I can appreciate even if they are not really “my thing”. In addition to the Oakshott I spotted some French General heavier weight fabric in a gorgeous blue and cream toile de Jouy design. I wanted to buy it there and then, even though I had no project for it, but was told it was an early sample and that the bolt will arrive later in the year, which is probably a Godsend as now I can start to find a Louis IV style chair to refurbish and use it on!

I snagged quite a large range of Oakshott fatter quarters – I say “fatter” as the WOF is wider and therefore a fat quarter is on the large size. I went for these blues and purples and greys as I can see quite a nice progression in the colour grades. There were only the two orange toned ones and I would have liked more, but that will be for another day.

Now to find some projects!

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  1. I bought an Oakshott kit years ago at our Festival of Quilts, but it’s still there looking at me, I’m thinking maybe I’ll just use the fabric 8ths for my own projects… the way they package their fabrics make them so enticing, you just can’t resist!

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