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Noodlehead’s Basket

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I bought this book a few weeks ago and I am surprised it hasn’t fallen apart already as I spend most evening perusing the contents and planning on what I will make first, second and third. I have quite a collection of quilt books, or quilt porn as I tend to view it! I really love to read a good quilt book on the days I can’t actually sew, but I have to confess that I don’t then make a lot of stuff from them.

This book is a big difference as from the moment I got it I had big plans to make many of the projects contained within. Anna Graham has a talent for really hitting the balance between useful projects, stylish design and accessibility for making.

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I made the basket first. I used some Cloud 9 Koi heavy weight canvas and for the lining I used the map of Tokyo quilting weight fabric from Moda Passport range. The pattern calls for heavyweight double fusible interfacing, which I didn’t have on hand, so I used a thicker padded interfacing which was not fusible at all. This was not the best move on my part and meant that I had to top stitch the top of the basket all around to make sure that it stays in place. It also means the lining is quite loose inside.

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To be honest, I think the lining needs to be a little bit bigger as it doesn’t quite fit into the corners at the bottom and had I been able to fuse this to the interfacing that might have made the top o the basket curl over.

I found the pattern to be very well written and straightforward. There is an erratum on the website to change the size of the lining, which I did follow, but even so I still found mine to not be large enough. The sides and base are a single piece of fabric that is sewn to the ends with curves at the corners which I found very tricky to get smooth and had to re-pin a number of times before heading to the sewing machine. I was very precise with my 1/4″ seams and this is very important in this pattern.

All up, I am really happy with the result and am definitely going to make more of these baskets once I have acquired some double sided fusible heavyweight interfacing! Next project to be made from the book will be the double wallet, which I am going to enlarge a little so that I can use it as a travel wallet for passport, currency and printed out hotel etc reservations. Watch this space for review and info on how that works out!

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