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WIP Wednesday

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I finally started on my Cruces de Revolución quilt using Kate Spain’s Paradiso line. At the beginning I was going to use Kona Pewter as the background for the whole quilt, and then I was browsing through old copies of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine on my iPad and I saw a similar style of quilt where the background was various low volume fabrics in grey/white/cream tones. I liked the way the different backgrounds added a deeper dimension and so I decided I would still stick to solids for my quilt but use different shades of grey and maybe a square or two of white.

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I’ve made three blocks so far, each in a different shade of grey, seen here on my design wall (which currently has three projects on it, so much for one at a time…!). I used 5″ squares and the reclines are 3″x5″. That means that the grey one at the edge is slightly oversized and so when they are sewn together the cross will take up slightly more of each block than in a standard modern cross. They will look a teensy bit closer together. I wonder whether it will be noticeable?

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This is what my design wall is looking like at the moment. Six In-flight blocks are complete and the blank spaces between blocks have also been cut out and pinned up. That fabric on the right sitting on top of a parcel is ready to be cut into to make another laptop bag for Golden Child’s best friend.

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On the left of the wall is this EPP hexagon block. The hexies came from a small packet of pre-cuts I bought at Liberty last year and then sewed together randomly when I needed a hand piecing project a few weeks ago. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, and I have another pack of identical hexies all basted to their cardboard templates ready to sew together, so I will end up with twice as many. I have thought about placemats (as I really need some!), a book jacket, and (of course!) a pouch. I’d love to hear your suggestions for what I should do – if I square it up it will be 10″ square.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I do love my handmade quilted placemats – they have lasted longer than I expected and I have removed tough seeming stains on them without a problem (wine, beet juice…). So even if the hexies don’t make the placemat cut, I think you’ll be happy when you do make some. 🙂 I think the cross blocks you are making are going to look great and balance out just fine when they sew together.

  2. Wow, you have so much going on! I can only handle one quilt and maybe a quickie project thrown in. Love your Cruces de Revolución blocks, beautiful!

  3. Hi! Ali The design wall looks like a really useful part of the process of making a quilt – my design ‘wall’ is the sitting room floor! I think the idea of varying the shades of grey in the background of your quilt is a good one – a bit like shadows in a photograph that help give depth.
    Look forward to following your blog as part of the Blog Hop ‘Hive’ 2015.
    Best wishes

  4. Your design wall is looking good! Those cross blocks are beautiful and will look great with all those shades of background fabric. I’d like to invite you to join up with the Let’s Bee Social linky party each Wednesday at Sew Fresh Quilts. It’s always a pleasure to make new friends!

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