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2015 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

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I posted a few days ago that I am part of the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. Did I say that I am pretty stoked?! I think I might have mentioned that once or twice, and today is the day I get to do my blog hop post. At the end of my post I will link to the others in my hive (the Quantum Quilters) who are in the blog hop this week. Please do go and visit their blogs too – they are a talented bunch!

I thought I’d open with a bit of street art from here in Christchurch. These awesome palm trees are made from floor boards salvaged from earthquake damaged buildings. They are outside one of my favourite cafés and I can never tire of looking at them.

Each time I see them I see something new, and that is a lot how I feel about quilting; everyday I get a new idea or am inspired by something I see or someone I read/meet. I never tire of the new combinations of fabric, pattern and design, and I love how three different quilters when given the same pattern or the same combination of fabrics can come up with three very, very different outputs. Such creative possibilities don’t just make me happy, they make me ALIVE!

needledown-nz_taking_a_class_with_kaffe_ 1

The above quilt was one of those situations where an entire room full of people was given the same pattern, one on one guidance from the quilt designer himself, and access to their own fabric plus a huge range of the quilt designer’s fabrics. This is my Kaffe Fassett snowball quilt and the output from a one day workshop with the man himself. I blogged about it here if you’d like to know more.

I get huge quilty inspiration by participating in online classes, and I am a big fan of the classes by Rachel at Stitched in Color. (If you are a regular reader, this will not be news to you). The second quilt I would like to share with you was completed in my first ever class with Rachel, although at the time I was being quite purist and only working on one project at a time, so as Kaffe was taking up my time (and all the spare space in my sewing room) I delayed making my Penny Sampler until after the class had run and so I relied on the e-book instructions provided by Rachel. Lucky for me her instructions were spot-on as I was still a bit of a novice then. The Penny Sampler taught me so much about quilting and technique and I absolutely loved the process of choosing three or four main fabrics and then building the colour scheme and mood from them. I have yet to blog about this quilt, but I do see a post coming in the future!

Quilts 21

In the meantime if you’d like to see more pics of the quilt detail you can check out my flickr feed for more.

The third quilt I am going to share is another one yet to be blogged about and another from a Stitched in Color class. This is my Tangential quilt from the Angled class which focused on sewing precise angled shapes. This quilt made use of all the techniques in the course and is HUGE!

needledown_nz_tangential_ 1

The photo above is before it was quilted, and below is once my friend, Suzet Pont the amazing long armer, had done her magic!

needledown_nz_tangential_ 2

My final quilt for sharing today is my version of Gypsy Wife. This quilt was a really big project for me and a lesson in having faith in myself and in taking time to work out what was really required (as I found the instructions to be decidedly vague!). I wrote two posts about what I learned in the hope of helping others, and I still love to see all the variations of this quilt pop up on Facebook and flickr from time to time.

needledown-nz_hanging_out_with_a_gypsy_wife_part_two_ 11


For the Blog Hop we were asked to post photos of ourselves. I think in a previous post there might have been a photo of me and my husband but I decided to add this one too. It was taken last year when I visited Liberty in London with the Golden Child on our mummy-daughter European jaunt. Of course, she was not as keen as I was to spend several hours just touching fabric and drooling.


We were also asked to post a blogging and a quilting tip. My blogging tip is to blog a few regular scheduled posts so as to participate in link parties (I do Sunday Stash and either Blossom Heart Quilts or a WIP Wednesday or Finish it up Friday), as well as posting other impromptu posts about topics that take your fancy. My quilting tip is that if you aren’t happy with a block or part of a block and it’s niggling you in the following days, just rip those seams and start again. If you don’t, you’ll hate that part of the quilt and then you won’t make use of your quilt as much as you would otherwise.

Something you probably won’t know about me is that on Friday my husband left home in one car and parked his work van behind the other. He took all sets of keys, so when I realised this as I headed out of the door I saw I had less than 15 minutes to get to a Board meeting and the only transport was Golden Child’s mountain bike. So, I threw my laptop in the panier basket, slung my fancy bag over my shoulder and pedalled like the wind in my suit dress, high heels and bike helmet, with silk scarf trailing behind me! I got to work with time to grab a coffee and calm down, and my husband has been contrite all weekend! Have you ever had a similar “needs must” moment of madness?

Please visit the other blogs in my hive that are hopping with me this week. Thanks to Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl for looking after our hive and keeping us on the straight and narrow.

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40 thoughts on “2015 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

  1. It was lovely getting to learn a bit more about you. Your Gypsy Wife is amazing! I’m so pleased for you that you stuck with it.

    I love your thoughts on creative possibilities keeping you alive. It’s wonderful!

  2. Hi Ali, just popped over from Quantum Quilters to say hello. I loved reading your blog post, loved seeing your quilts. I spent a very happy few days in Christchurch a couple of years ago on holiday in NZ. A very moving few days but the city and the people are awe inspiring with the get up and go spirit.

  3. How nice to learn more about each Blog Hop person/blog! Gypsy Wife has always been a favorite of mine, never made one, but I love seeing them! Your ‘bike’ adventure is hilarious! My husband would never hear the end of it…ever!

  4. What an awesome experience to get to visit Liberty in London! I am so impressed that you were able to use a mountain bike to overcome your blocked in car problem. I love getting to see how different a pattern can be interpreted by different people, and it sounds like the Fassett snowball quilt was a fun experience. 🙂

  5. I really like the Tangential quilt – geometry is so soothing to me. I’ve never been to a quilting class, but I think the opportunity to see someone like Fasset is too great to bypass! I have a husband who likes to take keys from my purse because he can’t find his – it’s one of those grin and bear it things – but he does have other redeeming qualities!

  6. I love how your penny sampler turned out – mine is still just a top! Great story about the bike – can’t say I’ve ever had to do that but I did get locked out of the house once while putting scrap fabric in the bin. Door blew shut behind me and the 2 dogs so I had to upend a plant pot and stand on it to open the side gate and sit on deck chair for a bit until OH came home. At least I had company while I waited!

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  8. Well, I love all of your quilts – for some reason the Kaffe Fassett might be my favorite. The colors are just vivid.
    Love the story of riding your daughter’s bike to work. That is great. I suspect your husband will be contrite for a while to come yet! Those kinds of things either make you or break you and your response was perfect!! Great attitude.

  9. Beautiful work! It was great reading about you. And may I say “wow”… Kaffe Fassett class and Liberty of London visit, I’m jealous! 😉 Thanks for the blogging tip, never though about the linking parties. I’ll definitely try to link up more often. Finally, wow, I can’t think of one “needs must” moment, but you go girl!

  10. Nice to find out more about you Ali and see some of your stunning quilts. I do like the Kaffe Fasset one (I had to look at for a while to see the snowball blocks it just looks like a mass of huge flowers!) but my favourite is the Tangential quilt – your points are so precise!

  11. hi Ali! I love your post! I feel like I have gotten a real sense of you and your voice. You know some people when you read their blog you think “I bet if I met them in real life we’d hit it off”. If that’s not too weird. Perhaps it’s because you are from New Zealand. It’s exciting to meet a fellow Southern Hemisphere quilt blogger.

    Anyway, I love all your quilts, especially your Gypsy Wife. That is definitely on my bucket list, but I will refer to your tips before getting that underway.

    I had to laugh at your story about the bike. I would have been in big trouble if that were me, since I haven’t ridden a (non exercise) bike in about 30 years!

  12. Love your Kaffe Fasset quilt. I haven’t taken a workshop with him, but I did meet him and Brandon last year when they did a talk on colour for our local quilt guild. You on the bike would have been a great photo!!!

  13. I love all the colours in your gypsy wife quilt. I too enjoyed reading about you and could picture you in your suit madly cycling to work. I’ve taken a couple of classes with Rachel as well, but I haven’t been as good at finishing the projects.

  14. It’s great learning about all my fellow hoppers. I love your sampler quilts. I have yet to commit to one. Your bike story was a funny read. My husband is very disciplined and careful and he rarely does things like that but when he does mess up it is usually a doozy. I am pretty much always in the middle of some type of screw up or another.

  15. Oh, wow, that Kaffe Snowball! I have to admit that I see his fabrics and never know what to do with them, but when I see finished items I am full of admiration! That is just fabulous, as is your Gypsy Wife!

  16. Kaffe Fassett Fabric! Love your quilts! The bold colour choices on your projects are great. I love being part of this New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop- Adrian-Sew Fabulous Hive!

  17. Hi Ali, love your sense of humor. I feel the same as you about quilting, it definitely adds an important element to my life. Enjoyed reading your blog, and I definitely agree with you about undoing stuff you don’t like. Any time you look at the quilt you will only see the “offending” part. I can relate to your key story. My husband washed his electronic key to our car in the washer twice, so now it doesn’t work. Lately we’ve been too busy to address this issue as we have to go to the nearest big city to replace them, so he takes my keys and leaves them in his pockets and then when I need to go somewhere I have no keys! We live in the country so I have been mighty late a few times over this. Time to get a new key for hubby, methinks.

  18. I love the Gypsy Wife but haven’t gotten the chance to make one. I made a Farmer’s Wife quilt a couple of years ago which is probably my most detailed quilt I’ve made. I straddle the fence between traditional and modern, love both, and well, any type of quilt in between. Seeing your Gypsy Wife inspires me to make my own.

  19. Your Gypsy Wife Quilt is amazing! I am only now learning that it’s better to re do seams/blocks I’m not happy with (my eye is always drawn instantly to mistakes in my quilts!) Nice to meet you Ali!

  20. I love your Gypsy Wife quilt! Stunning! I am currently working on mine. I have all of the main blocks made but still need to make the filler blocks. I’m glad you made it to your meeting in time. That sounds like quite the adventure. I tend to not handle situations like that very well.

  21. You mentioned once being “quite purist and only working on one project at a time”… inquiring minds want to know, how many projects do you have in the works currently?

  22. I love your Tangential quilt. My husband has taken both sets of keys before and ended up having to come back to bring me my keys making himself late. I can actually picture you on the bike! Hopefully it wasn’t too far to work.

  23. Hi Ali, I’m stopping by from the Quantum Quilters to say hello. I love your Gypsy Wife quilt (and I’m currently making another pattern by Jen Kingwell, which also has instructions that are “decidedly vague” – ha ha!)
    I loved the story of you on your bike to get to work, it is a sign of how determined you are (so I am not surprised that you tackled the Gypsy Wife quilt!) So nice to meet you!

  24. really happy to have found your blog. I love all your quilts. The snowball and gypsys wife really appeal to my love of colour. I would have loved to see you pedalling madly in your grown-up clothes.

  25. Quilting possibilities make you come alive – I LOVE that! Your quilts are gorgeous, I especially love the Gypsy Wife and the incredible saturated colour, it practically glows!

  26. Hello and nice to meet you! I loved that story of you pedalling a mountain bike in your suit! Your quilts are just beautiful, I love the Penny Sampler.

  27. I enjoy taking online quilt classes too! I love projects that help improve quilting skills. Your quilts are lovely. Thanks for the blogging tip. I try to participate whenever I can.

  28. Hello Ali from a fellow Quantum Quilter! Your blogging tip is great and one I should try. Good to meet you and your quilts (which are great) and I’m looking forward to reading more of your fun, conversational posts.

  29. Holy moly lady! When you go for it, you sure do go big! Those are amazing quilts… the patience for that I do not have in me,… that I am learning. hehe. I envy that! My personal fav is the blue and coral/pink one… I don’t know why but I have been loving that coral-y color. Yum. Those palm trees are making me miss home (Cali) and I can’t wait to visit in August. I love your piece of advice as it couldn’t be more true! I look forward to getting to know you more!

    *Stopping by from the 2015 New Blogger Blog Hop – New Bee’s

  30. Your Gypsy Wife quilt is gorgeous! I’m working on one at this time. Well, I started one, put it in a bin and need to pull it out and work on it again! Good for you in being pragmatic enough to find a solution to the no keys dilemma!

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