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Curvy Clutch in Tula

needledown_nz_curvy_clutch_in_tula_ 1

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and won’t let it go till I’m done or the idea is reality. It drives Gary crazy as he is usually on the receiving end of some pestering or scheming to actualise my idea!

That is how it went with this pattern and this fabric.

I bought the pattern a couple of weeks ago and have kept opening it up on my laptop and reading it over and over. I had a vague idea of the fabric I wanted to make it in, but the vague idea kept changing and I hadn’t settled on a specific choice. The Tula fabric was a chance find and an impulse buy and never made it into my storage boxes as I knew by the time I had written the Sunday Stash post that I wanted to make this clutch pouch with it. Do you ever get gripped by a sudden match of fabric and pattern and HAVE to combine the two asap?!

I have quite a busy schedule this week both work-wise, socially and with my family, and on Saturday I am heading off to Japan for a mum-daughter tourism jaunt with my mum, and yet I still found time last night to cut out the pieces and tonight to sew them.

The pattern is a breeze and I think all up it took maybe just over an hour to make the pouch. I made the small version which is about the size of a typical make up bag. It will be very handy and I can imagine the small and medium sizes to be my preferred choices for future versions. I used a sew in interfacing which I used on the lining, and a light-weight iron-on fleece for the exterior. I think this combination gives good support and structure whilst retaining softness and a little padding for fragile or delicate contents.

needledown_nz_curvy_clutch_in_tula_ 2

I used 14mm magnetic snaps, which look uneven on the above picture but are definitely level in real life!

The small size only just fits around the part of my sewing machine that contains the bobbin compartment (there must be a technical term but I don’t know it!), so sewing the lining to the exterior required concentration. I used grey Aurifil 40wt for assembly – this is my go-to sewing thread and colour, closely followed by a beige/taupe also 40wt. I top stitched with an aqua coloured 50wt Aurifil which I think looks pretty smart.

I like the inside pocket, which is a really nice touch.

needledown_nz_curvy_clutch_in_tula_ 3


Pattern is the Curvy Clutch by Michelle Patterns  which costs $8 (US) and includes the three sizes. The pattern gives instructions for a wristlet attachment but I skipped that on this one but will include it on larger ones I make.

I’ll be taking a break for 10 days while I go on my wee Japan trip, but as I hope to be buying some fabric and seeing a bit of Japanese handicrafts I hope to have interesting posts when I get back!

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