Ali Wilkinson

In-flight Peregrine Falcon

needledown_nz_quilting_essentials_ 13

This was not a quick block! It is deceptively simple in design and appears to be large pieces, but there are 6 segments to this block, and at least one of those segments has 10 individual pieces of fabric to sew in place! Some of the pieces are teensy, which made for a lot of fun removing the papers on the back!

When I was joining the segments together I had to unpick one seam twice to get it to match correctly. Like I said – deceptively simple and tricky to make!

I am so pleased to have this bird in this quilt as I have a fondness for Peregrine Falcons that dates back to social studies classes at school! Yesterday as we drove back from the Marlborough Sounds we saw lots of hawks, which are also magnificent birds, and I am hoping there is a hawk in this quilt too!

It’s a long 4 day weekend here for Easter and I am hoping to get another bird or two made – watch this space!

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