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Indian Blanket ready for Quilting

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I hadn’t done much in the early part of this week due to some pretty heavy work commitments and focusing on family time, so this weekend I have been on a sewing marathon the past few days to try to catch up a little. I managed to complete not only the top but also the backing for the Indian Blanket quilt.

needledown-nz_indian_blanket_ready_for_quilting_ 2

The directional fabric in the top had resulted in a large pile of triangles which pointed in the wrong direction, so I decided to use these on the back to add a little interest. The whole quilt has quilt a light spring feeling about it and I used one of my favourite Carolyn Friedlander Architextures hatch patterns to keep that lightness flowing onto the back too.

needledown-nz_indian_blanket_ready_for_quilting_ 3

I really enjoyed making these triangles and was very surprised how quickly it came together – I am sure the cutting took longer than the sewing!

needledown-nz_indian_blanket_ready_for_quilting_ 5

needledown-nz_indian_blanket_ready_for_quilting_ 6

needledown-nz_indian_blanket_ready_for_quilting_ 4

I plan to quilt this by hand using these bold threads that are only 50wt but give the impression of being heavier. I am going to go for a sashiko stitch echoing the triangles in contrasting thread. I didn’t plan the placement of the triangles on the back to ensure the stitches from the top match up, so it will be interesting to see if I can make it look Ok even on the back. I will glue baste using 505 spray which I have finally got to grips with (no pun intended!), but as it’s still warm here I think I will set this to one side to wait for the colder weather to come in before I hand quilt it.

Now I need to get back to my Curves Class assignments as a deadline is coming up!

7 thoughts on “Indian Blanket ready for Quilting

  1. this is great ! congratulations for getting this far. I have this pattern as well but haven’t finalized my fabric choices. Good to know that it goes together quickly once the cutting is done 🙂

  2. Another great piece of art, brother has a house wa y up in mountains, his all wooden place an has a living room that you feel your in a teepee with the blankets, etc, pics, an he would like your art, plays the flute on stage, events makes his own flutes, oh wow sorry this makes me think of your Indian quilt by

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