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Improv Curves


This week in Curves Class we learned about improvisational curves and how to sew them. The project I chose was a simple table runner called Rainbow Road, though in my case it is more like Coral Cruising. I had been feeling quite daunted by this project and saved it until the last day of the week to do at a sewing social I was set to attend today. I think my theory was that in front of other sexists I would have to fake it till I made it! (also I knew that if I got into strife I could ask one of the more experienced ladies there to provide some assistance)

I used left over fabric from a previous quilt and sewed random strips into four long pieces before cutting the improv curves and sewing those four strips together. I squared it up, spray basted it to a piece of home decor weight backing and quilted it with zig zags across the width. I decided not to use batting at all as I don’t want this to be anything other than a decorative table centre, and I thought if it was padded visitors might assume that it’s a heat mat and I don’t want hot pots placed on top of it.

needledown-nz_improv_curves_ 2

The backing was a piece of Koi swimming by Rashida Coleman-Hale and the binding is Kona White.

Now all that remains is to hand stitch the bidding down – which I confess is the job I procrastinate over the most!

needledown-nz_improv_curves_ 3

needledown-nz_improv_curves_ 4


This is a finish for Quarter 1 of the 2015 Finish Along. Hurrah!



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  1. Improvisational curves are becoming one of my favorite techniques, and this project looks great. I really like the fabrics you have selected- what a great (and seasonal!) choice!

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